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Dear Friend,

What would you do if you lost your job tomorrow? Unfortunately,  Most people never stop to think about that until it's too late. We think it won't happen to us.

The fact is companies are going out of business left and right.

Some of the largest and most powerful companies in the world are laying people off by the thousands. So, it can happen to you. And what if it does?

Are you prepared for the worst?

What can you do to protect yourself? Answer: Start your own  E- Business. What?  You say you can't afford to start. We say You can't afford not to.

I have great news for you!

My name is Jay Harris...

If you ever wanted "the easy way out" to make a lot of money with a business of your own, a Business where you can Hit the Ground Running...!


It's 10:05 Thursday morning...

You wake up, turn on your computer and check your email. And, guess what? You've made hundreds of dollars while you were sleeping, and all you had to do was send out a few ads letting people know where they could check out your great new product.

Don't believe me? Here's proof of my earnings.

Just look at the money I generate with one of my accounts. You too, could easily do the same!



Check out the screen shot below of my earnings...



How about this...

You wake up at noon (that works for me), grab your cup of coffee, head for the back door, and out to that chase lounge on the beach.

You open up your new state of the art laptop (hey, you can afford one now), connect to the web and count your sales in the warmth of the noonday sun, while the surf gently adds that soothing background noise, and the breakers roll across that jetty that separates you from your nearest neighbor.

(Why not, it could happen to you. You'll only be as successful as your dreams. SO, YOU NEED TO DREAM BIG!)

We will show you exactly what you need to obtain your personal piece of this huge pie. You can be making money while you travel, playing golf with your friends, or spending time at home with your family.

All you need to make your dreams come true is the right business opportunity.


And You Just Found It!

Imagine The Perfect Home Business

  • You Can Run It From Home or From Anywhere With An Internet Connection
  • There Is No Large Investment To Get Started
  • You Can Put Everything On Auto-Pilot
  • There Is No Face-To-Face Selling Involved
  • There Is No Inventory To Buy Or Ship
  • You Can Even Work In Your Underwear If You Want To (No More Ties!)


Let's face facts, shall we? You're never gonna make your fortune as an affiliate, or selling other peoples products. You need your own product, so when you sell them, you keep ALL the money for yourself, instead of making the other guy rich.

Sound to good to be true?
Internet Businesses are growing at an alarming rate. Have you heard about the thousands of people working out of their homes? Everything you want is just a click away.

Now is the time to take advantage of this opportunity and take control of your own destiny.

By 2020 U.S. Online retail sales will total $469 Billion Dollars (Forrester)

By 2020 Total sales either closed (or influenced) online will reach $930 Billion Dollars (Jupiter Research)

Can you really make money online? Yes you can.Is this a Get Rich Quick Scam? No it is not.The cold hard truth is you are going to have to put forth some effort!


Is $200,000.00 per year realistic?

Yes it is! Even if a six-figure a year income sounds totally unbelievable in your mind because you've never done it before (or yet!)... then at the very least, allow us to show to you how you can make 4-5 figures EASILY, working part-time with almost ZERO risk!

If you are looking for overnight riches you had better stick to playing the lottery. Because your odds of hitting the lottery are better than overnight success in any business.

But that's not to say you can't grow an income source online, and do it much faster than you can anywhere else.


Information Products Rule the Internet!


Information is what draws people to the Internet?

Why are millions of new surfers getting connected to the Internet every year?

Because... the Internet is the best information source that this planet has ever seen! Instant Information, on every possible subject, is available with just a few clicks of the mouse, and these millions of people are willing and eager to pay for the information that they need!


"This cd is INCREDIBLE!"

"This cd is INCREDIBLE! I have search the internet for months trying to find this type of information I could use to start my own home based business."

Thank you so much!

Kathy Turner
Stay at home mom


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I can tell you first hand that one of the most profitable businesses on the Internet is selling information. It's also one of the Easiest online businesses to get started and it's not uncommon for people to make $50,000 - $200,000+ their very first year

This is by no means a guarantee of income, as it depends on the individual and the time they devote to internet marketing, but it can be very profitable!

We have put together an incredible money-making cd-rom with Free Resale Rights called...



Included Are:

  • Over 4,000 Books & Reports With Resale Rights On Business, Investing, Vitamins, Law

  • Combine Reports And Create Your Own E-Books With This Free Software - E-Books Are HOT HOT HOT!

  • Thousands Of Free & Low Cost Advertising Sources - Where & How

  • Advertising Tips & Tricks - Watch Your Sales Soar

  • Internet Marketing Kit - Expert Info

  • Guerrilla Promotion & Marketing - Stomp Your Competition

  • Learn How To Market On-Line Successfully

  • CGI Scripts & Sources For Thousands More - Free

  • Wholesale Sources For Over 1 Million Products - A Gold Mine

  • Orient, Hong Kong, Philippines, Taiwan & Mexico Wholesale Trade Directories

  • CloseOut Merchandise Sources - Buy For Pennies Sell For Dollars

  • Deep Discount Product Sources - Never Pay Retail Again

  • Buy Cheap At Government Auctions - Complete How-To

  • Where to Find Unusual Products

  • Drop-Ship Sources - Why Stock Product?

  • AAA Credit Secrets, Credit Repair And More

  • Fantastic Business E-Books With Resale Rights

  • Publish Anything On CD Or Disk Software - On-Line Publisher's Must

  • Dozens Of Software Programs For Business - Most Fully Functional

  • Free Stuff Pages With Tons Of Free Items

  • The Best Free Web Space Providers - Start Your Business Today - FREE

  • Tons Of New Gifs, Fonts & Clip-Art - Make Your Pages Sell

  • The Best On-Line Marketing Services - Most Free

  • How To Get Cash Grants

  • Get A College Degree In 6 Months - From Many Universities

  • How To Beat Speeding Tickets

  • Income Tax Strategies

  • IRS Info - And Forgiveness Program

  • Copyright Law & Info

  • Web Law - Keep Your On-Line Business From Being Sued

  • Free Fax, Email, Voice-Mail, & Wake-Up Services

  • The Hottest On-Line Businesses To Start Now - Make Profits Fast

  • How To Make Selling On eBay Your Job

  • Magic Sales Letters That Create Millions In Profits

  • Business Scams On-Line You Must Avoid - A Must See

  • The Keys To Success For Affiliates - From Dunn's Hot New Book

  • Free FTP, Make URL A Number, Anonymous Mailer & Other Programs

  • Accept Customer Checks By Fax, Phone & Email - Free Software

  • News From The Day You Were Born - Just Enter The Date

  • Get The Latest Microsoft Software - Legal and Low Cost

  • How To Write Order Pulling Ads - A Must Read If You Write Ads

  • Financial Investigative Resources

  • How To Research Your Family Tree

  • Free Search Engine Submission Services - Why Pay?

  • Search Engine Position Tactics - Get Listed In The Top 10

  • Free Webmaster Resources - From Applets To Zipfiles

  • Web Page & Meta Tag Analyzers - Fantastic Free Services

  • An Always Up-To-Date On-Line Virus Scanner - Use Every Week

  • And On, And On, And On!


Hundreds of Folders & SubFolders Containing Thousands and Thousands of Files! Unlike our competitor's less complete CD's, nearly all files are accessable by hyperlink to the file or folder with an html menu system.

This is not a get rich quick scheme!

You will have to work and apply yourself. Done properly you can easily make in excess of $100,000 per year. Duplicate your efforts over and over and getting rich is not out of the question!


Own full reproduction & resale rights to:

  1. Over 4,000 Books & Reports
  2. Hundreds of Software Programs
  3. Email Lists
  4. Wholesale Sources
  5. & Much, Much More!


Unfortunately, since it's so easy to make Money on the Internet, it's just as easy not to. Don't be in the group that sits back and watches others make money, when you can be doing it yourself so much easier now.

With this cd-rom, you don't have to spend years in Forums and Subscribing to Newsletters Praying to Find Bits and Pieces of the Whole Picture.

Please remember, life's not getting any easier, your bills aren't getting any lower, and you're not getting any younger. Don't you think you finally owe it to yourself to start Learning Internet Marketing and Start Planning your Retirement.

You can Make Excuses or you can Make Money but you can't make both. The Jet Plane has Been Prepared, the Operating Manual is Waiting, all you need to do is Learn to Fly.

You owe this Opportunity to yourself so Order Now and Become A Player!



But wait there's more you'll receive...   

  • 35 Money Making Mail Order Booklets to Print & Sell
  • 15 Reports on How to Earn Money Fighting Crime
  • 20 Money Secrets and Sources
  • 17 Reports on the Best Businesses to Start
  • 38 Reports on Starting Your Own Business
  • 34 Reports on Success in Mail Order
  • 18 Money Making Formulas
  • 52 Reports on Advertising Success Secrets
  • 67 Ways to Make Money from Your Hobbies
  • 38 Ways to Make Money from Food and Drink
  • 102 Reports on How to Live a Healthier & Happier Life
  • 59 Business Manuals
  • 74 Reports on Generating Profits with your Computer
  • And 100's more!!


If you:

  • Are ready to make some serious money on the Internet
  • Want to sell a product that is worth every penny customers pay
  • Don't want any fulfillment or delivery headaches
  • Want to be in business for yourself
  • Want to capitalize on the Internet commerce explosion
  • Want all the information you need to succeed
  • Want the tools you need to win  


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Bonus 3) Access to a Secret Search Engine where you can keyword search over 1,200 Insider Business Reports, Legal Forms and Business Letters for the ones you want! You can even view them right from your browser.

Bonus 4) "Web Site Design for Top Search Engine Positioning", the must-read 50 page Professionally Written HTML HyperText Manual explaining the Secrets of High Search Engine Positioning. 

Bonus 5) Start the orders flowing! Submit Your Classified Ads easily to hundreds of classified sites with the InterNETACTIVE software.

Bonus 6) Now You can Accept Checks by fax, phone or email! This Software will print customer checks that your bank will accept. It is being sold elsewhere alone for more than the cost of our entire Instant Publishing Pak!

Bonus 7) A list of over 70 toll free phone numbers to call and receive free books on a variety of subjects. All FREE!

Bonus 8) Use the Internet Marketing Kit software and learn how to Promote Your Business On the Internet.

Bonus 9) Credit Pro Software shows you how and where to get the credit you deserve. And, how to repair your credit file.

Bonus 10) 1,000 more money making reports and resources that you can sell for profit!


Whew... that's a bunch of valuable stuff!

How much do you think this package should be sold for? Considering the amount of material contained within "Your Guide To Making Money from Home Version 2.0" cd-rom and the Free Bonuses (even if all the reports were sold for just $1.00) it should cost over $2,000! It would be a steal at $99.00!

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"BEST opportunity I have ever come across..."

"I have been researching home-based businesses for 12 years and investing in home-based businesses for around four years now. This is by far the BEST opportunity I have ever come across!

I cannot wait to get started. I am thanking you in advance for all of your great information and support. You're the best and I'm very lucky to have found you guys!"



This Product Is NOT:

  • A Get Rich Quick Scheme
  • A Pyramid or Chain Letter
  • MLM
  • An Adult Website Biz
  • A Loan Program
  • A 2 Paying Affiliate Program


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